Understanding the Importance of Lead Scoring

The result of using a lead scoring system gives you the ability to rank and prioritize opportunities according to your company’s own qualifications. The main advantages that you will find with lead scoring are being able to determine what leads should be forwarded onto sales for immediate action and which leads need to be nurtured for future contact.

Download a complimentary whitepaper "Forget the ABC's of Lead Scoring" and learn the importance of:

  • Assigning point values to drive effective lead scoring
  • Kick-starting a new scoring system and key recommendations
  • Maximizing your sales resources

Click here to download "Forget the ABC’s of Lead Scoring" whitepaper.

See Lead Scoring Real-Time

To help further your education on the importance of lead scoring watch a Webinar on"Making Lead Scoring & Nurturing Work".

By registering for this Webinar, you will see how FirstWave customer Paul Dunay of BearingPoint, enhances his lead nurturing process to generate quality sales-ready leads. You will also hear from industry expert Andrew Gaffney from Demand Gen Report and learn first-hand how Paul scores and nurtures leads, by seeing real-time results on one dashboard from all marketing campaigns including detailed information on lead downloads, pages viewed, and how long was spent on each page.

Register now.

Duration: 60-minutes

Identify, Track, Score & Nurture Leads…Automatically

Are your marketing dollars paying off? Do you know which marketing campaigns deliver quality leads, sales and revenue?

FirstWave’s Leadtracker™ helps you capture all leads coming from online and offline marketing campaigns in one location—visible through a single dashboard—where you can track and compare results and ROI.

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To learn more about scoring leads, click here to download "Forget the ABC’s of Lead Scoring" whitepaper.

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